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Energetic Analysis' with Krista

Energetic Analysis by Krista Matheny

Sage & Salt Massage studio is excited to host Louisville based Psychic Intuitive Krista Matheny, LMT for private energetic analysis readings! Krista will use her gifts one on one with you, to give you clarity and help you to understand your own unique energies.

Krista Matheny Intuitive Readings

Krista is a skilled intuitive who can use her psychic abilities to help you unfold your spiritual gifts and get what you need and deserve from life! An energetic analysis will give you insight and support as to why things are and how they can be shifted and changed. She can help you with communication issues, relationship struggles, family differences, anxiety, worry, depression and feeling overwhelmed.

30 Mins $45

60 Mins $80

March 31st 10am-5pm Only!

Space is very limited! Please book online to reserve your time!

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