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Important News about Sage & Salt Massage

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for being here! I have some very big news, my husband accepted a job in Hawaii, therefore I must close Sage & Salt Massage this summer for our move back there.

I know, that's not the kind of news you wanted to hear, especially if you've been a client of mine over the past year. We've done so much work together! You all have reported less pain, more movement, less headaches, less depression, better sleep, lowered blood pressure, and overall just feeling better through receiving regular bodywork! :)

I appreciate you all so much!

Thank you for making my little massage business flourish in it's infant stage. Thank you for helping me grow and develop over the past 18 months with all of the experience you gave me.

I have loved every moment of my business because my clients have been absolutely wonderful to me. Massage therapy is not just a service, it becomes a type of professional relationship that myself and my clients are a part of. Each person I've worked with is important to me, that's why closing Sage & Salt Massage is very difficult for me.

I desperately want to find another great massage therapist to come in and take over and continue giving you all the care you need. So far I haven't had any luck, so if you know of someone who may be interested please share my contact info with them! (502)966-7975

My last day of work will be July 20th. So please get in before then to say Aloha!