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When One Door Closes...

There I was, trying to come up with something creative to name my new massage and Reiki practice, when I decided I'd look to see what other people in Louisville were calling their practices. Maybe that would spark some creativity? So I looked up "massage and reiki" on Google. I came across the name, Sage and Salt Massage Therapy. What a lovely name! Oh, and it's in Mount Washington! And OMG, she was looking for someone to take over her practice!! I called her number immediately and left a long, rambling message and here we are.

Jessica and I have very similar beliefs about what massage should be like for the client. We both want to do what's right for the client without having to upcharge for services like deep tissue or aromatherapy or hot stones. The client gets to dictate whether our session will be focused on relaxation or working on problem areas like a frozen shoulder or low back pain.

I've spent the first half of my life, sitting at a desk, crunching numbers as an accountant. I'm excited to be starting this next leg of my journey in Massage Therapy here in Mount Washington. I look forward to meeting all of you!