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New Policy - NO TIPPING!!

It’s been a great first two months since I took over ownership of Sage and Salt Massage from my friend Jessica. We met as strangers, but we liked each other immediately. Our transition was the smoothest business transaction I ever had in my life and I used to be a damn good accountant who did business transactions daily!

Anyway, I wanted to make an announcement to everyone. This week I instituted a new policy of NO TIPPING! The first question I have been asked is “why would you do that?!” I’ll explain.

Tipping is a pretty common practice for a massage. When you’re getting services from a spa, those massage therapists very often are working for commission. They don’t get the entire fee.

In fact, in Louisville, MOST of them only get 50% or LESS of the fee that you are charged by the spa. So they rely on those tips. I am not advocating that you should stop tipping those therapists!

I am the owner at Sage and Salt Massage. I must pay overhead…but the rest is mine. My price is set at what I believe is fair for me and my clients.

Also, I focus more heavily on therapeutic massage.

My massages can be relaxing and gentle if that is what my client desires. But often, we’ll find a knot or tension that needs more work. I regard myself as a health and wellness professional, so it feels awkward for me to receive a tip. I’m grateful, but it doesn’t feel right. Also, there’s always that nervousness for the client. Always wondering how much or when to tip?

You wouldn’t tip your chiropractor or nurse or physical therapist so why tip a massage therapist who has a private practice? I want to take all that worry and stress away.

So thank you to everyone who has tipped me in the past! You all are wonderfully generous! From now on, I will be saying “No tip needed. Thank you.”

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